Loans Savings Certificates Fees

Effective as of: 10/6/2021
Personal Loans
0-48 months11.99%
49-72 months13.49%
73-84 months14.49%
**Unsecured loan cap: $15,000.00 own signature - Up to $20,000 with co-signer - designated by MGL Chapter 171, S58**
Passbook Loans
0-60 months3.75% above share rate
Car and Motorcycle Loans
MODEL YEAR APR* - Term up to 72 monthsTerm up to 84 months
2019 to 20213.09%3.09%
2016 to 20183.79%3.79%
2015 and older Up to 72 months only 5.99%not available
Boats and Campers
0-60 months7.99%
61-120 months8.99%95% Purchase Price
Finance up to 95% purchase price on Boats and Campers
Include Trailer, if needed. All vehicles must be Titled. (Boats 14 ft and over)
Home Equity Line of Credit - Call for current rates
15 YearsCall for current rates
$350 in HELOC closing costs at time of closing. Property Insurance is required throughout entire length of loan.
Max Cap on Loans designated by MGL Chapter 171, S58
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate